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FirstName And Last Name Project Name Degree Role def-date
Omid Davar A Self-Supervised approach For Sentiment Analysis In Persian Language Using Graph Neural Networks M.S 1402/11/09
Fatemeh Iranmanesh A Self-supervised learning approach for medical imaging M.S --------
Mohammad Rajabghane Improvement of unet networks for medical image segmentation M.S 1402/06/27
Fardin Rastakhiz Using Graph Neural Networks to Optimize Web-pages for Search Engines M.S --------
Masoumeh Shamsi Meymandi A text clustering approach based on deep learning M.S --------
MohammadMahdi Taheri Proposing structural learning methods in Graph neural networks Ph.D --------
------------------- M.S --------
Attitude of post-graduate Students of Kerman towards the information overloaded in cellphones&Web applications M.S 1394/11/06
proposing methods for coordinating algorithmic components in memetic algorithms M.S 1393/10/24
Proposing a Fuzzy Classifier For MiRAN Targets Prediction M.S 1396/10/20
------------------- M.S 1391/10/18
Proposing ensemble learning algorithms based on fuzzy methods for imbalanced classification M.S 1394/10/02
Improving classification capability in associative classification M.S 1390/11/11
Fuzzy Rough Set Based Feature Selection M.S 1390/11/06
Improvement of Association Rule Extraction Algorithms Based-on Evolutionary Algorithms M.S 1393/11/07
Consumed power Reduction Of Nano-Scale Combinational Digital Circuit Using Fuzzy Programming Approach M.S 1395/12/22
Maryam ------------------- M.S --------
The role of matrix factorizations in dimension reduction Ph.D 1398/06/09
Improving Fuzzy Decision Tree for Classification M.S 1390/11/06
subspace learning based graph regularized feature selection M.S 1398/06/20
------------------- M.S 1391/06/27
Improving fuzzy Q-learning method Incorporated with optimazzation methods for Reinforcment fuzzy contorol M.S 1393/11/07
------------------- M.S --------
Cuda- Enabled Feature Selection in Big Data using GPU M.S 1393/11/07
Improving semi-supervised classification methods using fuzzy and rough sets theories M.S 1392/11/09
Analysis and design of block ciphers using intelligent algorithms M.S 1391/11/19
Some Hesitant Fuzzy Data Clustering Algorithms Ph.D 1395/04/28
------------------- M.S 1395/10/01
improving heuristic fuzzy rule extraction methods for classification and proposing a method based on clustering M.S 1391/11/15
Improving Evolutionary Algorithms for Multimodal Optimization using fuzzy and rough techniques M.S 1391/11/18
video encryption using DCT coefficients based on the hyper chaos theory M.S 1391/06/28
Ranking of Association Rules by DEA M.S 1391/06/19
Fuzzy deep neural network for data classification M.S 1397/11/15
Behzad Ebrahimi Proposing a method for feature selection in multi-label data based on matrix factorization M.S 1398/04/18
Mahboubeh Ebrahimi Soft Error Rate Reduction In Digital Circuits Using Mathematical Programming M.S 1396/04/25
Mohammadkazem Ebrahimpour Using hesitant and intuitionistic fuzzy sets for feature selection M.S 1394/09/25
Ehsan Eslami feature selection using memetic algorithms and reinforcement learning M.S 1393/10/24
Ameneh Esmaeilirad Data discretization for multi-label databases M.S 1397/01/29
Hojjat Allah Bazoobandi Improving fuzzy wavelet systems using evolutionary and local search algorithms M.S 1392/11/09
Somayeh Bostanpira Proposing Naive Bayes Classifier for Imbalanced Data Classification M.S 1395/12/10
Mojtaba Pirdadeh beiranvandm Uncertainty investigation in selecting an appropriate reservoir model in well test analyses in one of the Iranian reservoirs - A case study M.S 1396/09/29
Mahsa Samareh jahani the effect of orthogonality on the dimensionality reduction problem Ph.D 1401/11/09
Mahla Hatami Solving Multi-objective Optimization problems using fuzzy methods and memetic algorithm M.S 1393/09/26
MOJTABA KHAMAR Proposing a method for feature subspace learning and its application in data classification M.S 1396/12/06
Sanaz Khajouie Improving memetic algorithms for multimodal problems M.S 1393/11/07
Seyed Morteza Khoshroo Reinforcement learning Control of dynamical Systems with Uncerteinity M.S 1397/06/17
Razieh Rastgoo Optimization of Qos routing in smart grids using Artificial Intelligent algorithms M.S 1393/10/09
Zahra Rajabi Modeling of Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete Structures Using Artificial Intelligence Methods; Improving the Protective Properties of Rebar by Means of Modified Zinc Rich Coating Ph.D 1402/06/19
Dorsa Rahmatian Proposing a neural style transfer method using soft computing concepts M.S 1401/06/16
Mohammad Rezaei-Ravari Proposing a multi lable learning method using Extreme Learning Machine M.S 1398/11/01
Saeed Zeraatkar Proposing a Method for Imbalanced Data Classification Based on Nearest Neighbor M.S 1395/12/14
Sahar Sardari Proposing Fuzzy Decision Tree Based Clsssifier For Imbalanced Classification M.S 1395/11/16
Mahdi Shariatzadeh Image encryption using fuzzy inference systems and deep neural networks M.S 1400/12/21
Athareh Shahabinejad proposing an attention based method for object classification using deep networks M.S 1400/06/18
Javad Elmi Propering a Dynamic Selection(DS) approach in multi classifier systems M.S 1398/11/01
Sajjad Gholami judaki Improving Ensemble Learning Methods Using Fuzzy And Rough Sets Theories M.S 1392/11/09
Sara Farahmandinia Proposing a method for Domain Generalization using self supervised learning M.S 1400/06/15
Farzane Foroutan Improvement of unsupervised feature selection algorithms based on fuzzy approaches M.S 1392/11/02
Saedeh Ghasemzadeh Energy Efficinet Feature Selection in Wearable Sensor Networks M.S --------
Mohammad Mohtashami Using Discretization methods and Hesitant Fuzzy Sets for Feature Selection based on Rough Sets Theory M.S 1396/12/06
Mahsa Mohammadi Proposing a Deep Metric Method Based on the Image and text Relation M.S 1402/06/14
Mahla Mokhtia proposing Hesitant Fuzzy Models for regression and classification M.S 1398/11/01
Arezo Moradi paralleing extreme learning machine and deep extreme learning machine for classification using GPU M.S 1398/11/02
Monireh Moshavvash Using self-supervised learning method for defensing against adversarial attacks M.S 1400/06/16
Afsoon Moaaref ------------------- M.S 1392/06/26
Mohammad Manzari Tavakkoli accelerated intrusion detection system for software defined networks M.S --------
Mahboubeh Mahdizadeh Improving imbalanced datasets classification algorithms using fuzzy methods and evolutionary algorithms M.S 1392/10/04
Mahvash Mohazebi Proposing a way to improve Siamese networks using soft computing concepts M.S 1401/06/16
Fariba Mehranpour Modeling relationship of milk production and milk composition in Holstein dairy cows using Artificial Neural Network and Genetic algorithm M.S 1395/10/01
Nadimeh Naseri Proposing a similarity measure based on distance of subspaces and its application to unsupervised learning Ph.D --------
Mohamadreza Najmedini Proposing a Deep Metric Learning method for audio retrieval based on Transformers M.S --------
Houriyeh Nasiri Proposing a Semantic Segmentation Method Of Images Using Self-supervised Learning M.S 1400/06/17
Zahir Noorie Feature Selection based on Sparse Learning and Side Information M.S 1396/12/07
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